Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Couple of Quick Updates

Part I--Basketball and Its Consequences

Some of you may remember that Jess is part of a weekly basketball game here in Bogotá (his 5'10" frame--and approximately an 8" vertical--makes him a small forward south of the border). In July, just before the famed Macchu Pichu trip, Jess hurt his knee during Wednesday night B-ball. Last week an MRI gave us surprising news. Jess has a completely torn ACL in his right knee. We are now considering surgery--which would likely happen in early November.

Part II--Commemorating Che's Death in Colombia!?

You may have missed it, but last Tuesday, October 9th was the 40th anniversary of Ernesto "Che" Guevara's death. It was hard to miss it here in Bogotá. Jess was forced to work from home on Tuesday due to internet problems at his office. Around 1pm, National University students commemorated Che's assassination by heaving papa bombas (small, homemade explosive devices with no shrapnel), molotov cocktails and rocks at the National Police's armored vehicles which in turn attacked the students with fire hoses and tear gas. One student lost an eye in the three-hour melee. The scene repeated itself two days later, to the dismay of our house guests, Aaron and Laura and their two young daughters. ( are from our living/dinning room window)

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