Sunday, November 4, 2007

Interesting Weekend in Bogotá

Belly Painting

We thought it was going to be a relatively low-key and quiet weekend. Jess' ACL reconstruction surgery on his knee was scheduled for Friday, so we thought this would be a weekend of recovery. Well, there was no tendon at the donor's bank for the reconstruction surgery and so the surgery has been postponed--for now until next Friday, November 9. The date depends on the availability of a tendon.

Instead of staying at home, we went to our prenatal class early Saturday morning. While this was Janna's third class, it was Jess' first (due to a Venezuela delegation). We had a blast as the class activity consisted of the fathers-to-be painting the mothers-to-be's belly with something representing what dad hopes to give to their child. Check out the pictures to get a sense of the fun.

Our class

Ice Storm at the Equator

We traveled to and from class in a blazing sun. It was wonderful to soak in the sun, given the weeks of rain we have had here in Bogotá. Just after noon the clouds rolled in. While we ate lunch in the living room, we watched as an unusually strong wind began to blow the trees. Soon it was raining hard. About 20 minutes later it started hailing. The hail finally stopped about 45 minutes later. As you can see in the pictures, it looked like it had snowed. It was crazy and wonderful for Jess--who always missed winter--to throw snowballs in Bogotá.

The storm did knock power about for about 24hrs and damaged some cars and homes.

The view from our window.

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