Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More photos of Amara

Here she is...This is how she has spent most of her 36 hours with us.
From left to right, Mauricio (our doctor), Janna and Amara, Diana (our midwife) and Jess. We are so grateful to both of them for all they did leading up to and during Amara's birth.
Janna talking to her parents just minutes after giving birth to Amara.
Amara's first cry. For some reason she didn't like being naked in our cold apartment while to doctor measured her!

Janna and Amara both have a well deserved meal in bed on Tuesday.
Janna and Amara getting some sleep after a long night of labor and birth.
Mom, Dad and daughter just moments after birth.


Jasmine Tyler said...

What a beautiful family! Love the smiles---I can actually feel the joy! Congrats!

Melinda said...

Seeing your photos brings tears to my eyes - enjoy these precious moments as a family! Janna your pre-birth "todo cambia" blog entry was so beautiful - I'm so happy for Amara and for youall!

Laura said...

What beautiful photos. I can't WAIT to see you three and give you congratulatory hugs! You must be so proud. We love you all.
Laura, Aaron, Abby and Anna Sophia
p.s. There's a chance we'll make a day-trip to Bogota next week - we'll keep you posted. We may try to get Anna's colombian passport, pick up some airline tickets...and introduce the girls to their newest 3rd cousin. :)

Anonymous said...

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