Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Amara's May 1, Labor Day in Colombia

This message was composed May 1

Friends and Family,

In celebration of the social and economic achievements of the labor movement, here are a few images of the focus of my efforts, our source of great joy and endless amusement. It's no longer a mystery to me why some women choose to withdrawal from their career tracks to be w/ their children.

Today Amara, Jess, June Hunter (Jess' mom is visiting!) and I went downtown where thousands were participating in the annual Labor Day march/protest. A few rabble rousers showed up and challenged the police, "damaging the march," according to one Afro-Colombian organizer. A scuffle ensued. The tear gas stung. During the rowdiest moments of her short life, little Amara woke only momentarily to give me a perplexed look and then returned to her deep sleep. Her parents and "Nonna" were relieved.

As per the norm, even in her slumber and tucked into her "moby" carrier fair-skinned Amara with her button nose drew much attention. Frequently heard comments: "look, it's a real baby!" "she doesn't even look real!," "looks just like a doll!" One woman actually confessed that she thought to herself, "my, that woman is a little old to be carrying a doll around." (Confession: While Amara is likely unaware of all attention, it may be going to her mother's head.)

A note on the pictures. I took them last weekend, when Amara was 6.5 weeks old. Three failed attempts at purchasing a camera led cousins Aaron and Laura to loan us theirs for a weekend. We really appreciate it! (Yes, three times we've tried to give businesses our money so that they send us a camera, and no dice.)

A happy mom,



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